Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Poem: One Moonlit Night When All Was Still

One Moonlit Night When All Was Still

So many times
we traveled here,
the woods so black,
the house so drear,
the tallest oaks
moved stiffly as we neared,

the broken house stood still,
with sagging porch,
ivy vines,
molded wood,
rusted screws,
shuttered panes,

a crusty, dusty, eerie place,
with webs draped
‘cross the chairs,
the wood all chewed by busy mice
who dared to gather here,
 one moonlit night
when all was still
we felt a presence here,
it moved with stealthy
measured steps,
drawing near,
causing fear,

we held each others' hands,
then headed for the stairs,
there we found the master’s door
unopened all these years,

and just like that
a wind stirred up
and whisked us all inside,

we found a chest of polished oak
with shining silver lock,
it sat alone inside the room
a note lay sealed on top,

 we felt the shadows swirling past
and heard a voice say
“This at last.
My secrets lie within,
But woe to those who break the lock,
A curse will soon set in.”

There’s one thing that we knew that night,
our thoughts on this were clear,
 the chest would still remain inside,
untouched for one more year.

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