Monday, October 10, 2011

Poem: Don't Pass 'Neath the Light

 Don’t Pass ‘Neath the Light 

This story is true, as true as can be,
Just listen to me and soon you will see,
I never tell lies about something so real,
It’s scary and eerie, but oh what a thrill,

Imagine a house that is haunted and cold,
Then picture a witch all haggard and old,
She sits on her porch from morning ‘til night
Just waiting for someone to pass ‘neath the light,

Then one night it happened, I swear this is true,
A lady passed by and said, how are you?
The witch smiled slyly and said, I’m just fine,
Come in for awhile; we’ll share some fine wine,

The lady said, sure, I’d love a small glass,
And that’s when the facts of this tale came to pass,
The door opened wide; the witch pushed her in,
Then followed behind with a wink and a grin,

The lady returned to the town the next day,
She seemed to be fine in most every way,
But sometimes she twitched and sometimes she itched,
And sometimes she looked a bit like a witch,

She started to sit on her porch ‘neath a light,
And watch folks pass by from morning ‘til night,
That’s all that I know, and all that I’ll say,
But it's likely there was a bit of foul play,

It’s probably best if you stay far away;
I wouldn’t go near, at least not today.

I wrote this poem last year and posted it for the first time last October.
I will probably resurrect it every year because it's one of my favorites.

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  1. Here's a vote for bringing this out each year.

    Each of these stories lingers in my mind. Judy