Sunday, August 11, 2013

Poem - Field of Corn

 Field of Corn Sculpture, Dublin, OH 

Field of Corn

Giant ears of corn could cause alarm,
Yet they disarm us with
Their charming good looks
And pearly white smiles,

They stand so tall,
Like sentries in a field no longer sown,
A sculpture garden
For thoughtful reflection,

Are we to dream of buttered corn,
Sweet juice dripping down our chins,
Or ponder farmers’ yearly hopes
That crops will grow again?

We Midwest folk, we know our corn,
And know from whence it comes,
But it never hurts to pause and think,
And maybe blink
At the sight of giant corn.

The publicly funded Field of Corn sculpture in Dublin, Ohio, consists of 109 concrete ears of corn positioned in rows and standing upright in a grassy field. At one end of the field are two rows of Osage-orange trees, one pre-existing and the other planted for the project. Sculpted by Malcolm Cochran and with landscaping by Stephen Drown and James Hiss, the field of corn was commissioned by the Dublin Arts Council and completed in 1994.   
Each ear is about eight feet tall.  Three different molds were used to cast the concrete sculptures. - wikipedia

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Poem - The Music Played On

Photo of Bunny Park in Dublin, Ohio © Rita Bourland

The Music Played On

The dance party started at four,
The bunnies were first on the floor,

They jumped and they kicked up their heels,
They boogied and did a few reels,

Their ears flipped and flapped in the warm summer breeze,
Their tails bounced and flounced with the greatest of ease,

The time seemed to fly as the music played on,
They couldn’t be sure how long they’d been gone,

The sun slowly set and evening grew nigh,
And that’s when they heard their mother’s sweet cry,

“Come home, please come home; oh where can you be?
Your dinner’s grown cold, and so has your tea.”

So the bunnies hopped home quick as can be,
They kissed their dear mother then sat on her knee.