Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poem: A Ghost for a Day

 A Ghost for a Day

A ghost for a day – oh, what a delight,
I’ll strike up a plan then schedule my flight,
I don’t think I’ll haunt or scare in the night,
I think I’ll just float in the air like a kite,

I might think again when I look down below
And see all the heartache, worry and woe,
I’ll slip through a wall and under a door,
I’ll do some good works, then maybe some more,

I might bring a meal to someone in need
Then follow that up with another good deed
I’ll offer a blanket to someone who’s cold,
Then comfort a lady who’s lonely and old,

Imagine the good that nice ghosts could do,
Forsaking the haunting and often said, BOO,
Kind of like angels these nice ghosts could be,
Delivering love and a cup of hot tea,
It sounds like a job for you or for me,
As long as the job is just temp
I’ll agree.