Sunday, May 26, 2013

Poem: Dreaming in Soft Pirouettes

Dreaming in Soft Pirouettes

Twirling in a puddle,
Tiny feet treading the depths
Of a child’s imagination,
Splashing to music she alone hears,

Lying in bed
At night
She dreams in
Soft pirouettes,

Too young to know
What a dancer is,
She just is
A child who moves
On butterfly wings,

She'll one day bring
Fans to their feet
With pirouettes and leaps
That make them weep
From the unexpected gift
Of her dancing.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Poem: Bathed in the Light

Bathed in Light

No longer boxed in
By lids and walls,
A switch is flipped,

Bathed in light,
Washed in thoughts
All brand new,
I travel on banners of color
Where whispers from trees
Bent low to the ground
Utter barely a sound
Yet speak of such wondrous things,

Like a stream
Ideas flow
Through a valley

Bathed in light
I laugh in delight
At the wonders in store
For my mind just set free
From a box
Where no magic exists.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poem: A Carpet of Pink Blossoms

Photo by Rita Bourland © May 2013

A Carpet of Pink Blossoms

A carpet of pink blossoms
Lies on the ground
Like the softest snow of winter,
Covering impurities with a blanket
Of downy comfort,

Vibrant hues catch the eye
Drawing thoughts from worldly woes
To those of tender wonder,
A sight that lasts for just one day
Before the gusts carry it away,
Casting blossoms here and there
On a magic carpet ride
To another place and time,

I stop and sigh
Wondering at beauty such as this,
And other things I miss
When hurrying on my way each day,

If a child I could be again,
I’d make an angel
In the fallen blooms,
And others who pass
Would know
The reason why
And smile.