Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poem: Creepy Conundrum

Creepy Conundrum

A creepy conundrum has come over me;
Will I ever stop thinking about Halloween?
I promised myself I would write every day
About this fine season, but nerves start to fray,

I’ve written ‘bout ghosts and mummies and stuff,
But with four days to go that isn’t enough,
My brain is befuddled, my thoughts are confused,
I clearly am bleary and slightly bemused,

I never knew writing ‘bout something so fun
Could end up so tiring before I was done,
I shan’t be deterred by lazy brain matter,
I’ll simply continue to write lots of blather,

So, stay tuned for more, just four more to write,
I promise to scare you and bring on the fright,
I won’t let you down, or me for that matter,
Just know I could end up as mad as a hatter

Oh wait, that’s a thought, I could write about that,
The Mad Hatter, dear Alice and a strange looking glass,
I think I am slipping into some strange morass,

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