Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Gypsy Inside of Me

My sister Judy - A Halloween Gypsy - about 1955
In the late ‘50s and early 60s, Halloween was a homespun affair.  Costumes were made, not purchased and were mostly thrown together a few hours before trick or treating commenced.  An old sheet became a ghost or some black fabric turned into the perfect Dracula cape.  Face make-up completed the look we were hoping for.  Being a gypsy was my sisters’ and my favorite costume for two reasons: the final look was awesome and we got to dig through our mom’s stuff to find the right accessories.  We, of course, weren’t allowed to wear this slightly flirty look until we were ‘old enough’, but it was worth the wait. 
I felt mysterious and exotically different on those Halloween nights - a dramatic, delicious change of pace.

The Gypsy Inside of Me

Scarf wrapped ‘round my head,
Hoop earrings dangling long,
Brushing against
Rose-blushed cheeks,
Deep ruby lips,
Eyelashes long and black,

A touch of perfume
At my neck,
Peasant blouse
Tucked into
Mother’s silk skirt
Black and sleek,

Scarf at my waist,
Gold bracelets jangling on my wrists,
Necklaces layered
To great affect,

A swirl of color and scent
Mirrored back at me,
A costume complete
With attitude,

Such a treat
To create
A different me;
The gypsy
inside of me.

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