Monday, November 15, 2010

Poem - Inside the Gate

 Inside the Gate

Lean an elbow 
on my gate,
Chat awhile
About your day,
Or better yet
Swing it wide,
Come inside,
Make sure you
Latch the gate,

Clicking into place
It says:
We’re safe inside this space;
Safe to talk of
Who we are,
Where we’ve been,
What we’ve learned
Of life
The gate,

Safe to cry, to sigh,
To tell a tale of
Love and lies,
Of truth and daring
Days gone by,
Or maybe tales
Of what might be
If dreams could just
Come true,

We sip our tea
Inside the gate,
And wait
For what?

For days like this to
Last and last,
For friendship true
To never pass,
And garden gates
To keep us safe,
At least this day,

But that’s enough

For now.


  1. Restful and accepting words. Accepting the moment of the visit. What else can we ask. Love, Judy

  2. Being present for others is truly one of the greatest gifts we can offer of ourselves. But then that is what you do every day. xoxo

  3. Wonderful poem. I love the part about hearing the latch and being safe. The picture is perfect!

  4. I'm so glad you like the poem, Libby. The gate really symbolized safety to me. xoxo