Friday, November 19, 2010

Come Ride with Me - Bicycling in Ohio

It was 45° and clear at 11:00 a.m. today – perfect for a late November bicycle ride.  I put on my wool socks, bike shorts, insulated tights, Under Armour shirt, Under Armour sweatshirt, wind breaker, ear warmers, bicycle helmet, bicycle shoes and finally some very warm gloves - I was ready to go. 
My favorite ride is along the Olentangy (Olen-tan-gee) Bike Trail which parallels the Olentangy River.  From my neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, I can go north up to Worthington Hills or go south past Ohio State University and end up in downtown Columbus.  Either way is fun, but today I headed north.  I have to ride for a couple of miles before I get to the overpass (over state route 315) and then I drop down to the bike trail.  After that, it’s a lovely ride, with tranquil woods, an occasional deer sighting, and on a day like today, relative solitude.  The colder it gets, the fewer brave souls there are on the trail. 
I took the ride by myself, so you will see my bicycle in every shot but not many shots of me.  I did meet some nice folks who agreed to take my picture at a couple of junctures. 
So, come with me and take in the sights I enjoyed on my ride today.  I’m hoping to transport you to the woods and allow your mind to absorb the peace and calm I felt as I traversed the path.  I wish you could have been along for the ride, but maybe a virtual ride will suffice.  I wish you peace.

Whirring pedals,
Shifting gears
Wind in my ears,

Runner passing by,
Breathing in, breathing out,
One quick step, one step more,
Cold wind on her cheeks,

Antrim Lake so calm today,
Crisp air, vacant pier,
No one fishing,
No picnics on shore,
Just my bike and me passing by,

A few chin ups?
Maybe not,
Craggy tree along the shore,
The river flows
Slow and serene,
Does it know that winter’s coming?

 Worthington Hills all the way north,
A Cup of Joe to warm my toes
Before I head home;
Nine more miles to go,

 Freedom comes in simple ways,
A space of time
From all that fills our day,
Just roll along and let it go,

An awesome rock
Cracked asunder,

Leaves underfoot,
A rustic bridge,
Beckoning - pause,
pause and ponder,

The overpass takes me home again,
Away from silence,
Away from woods and water,
From trees and other wonders,

The flow of cars
The sound of wheels
Noises shrill
Say city, big city

 But I can go
Most any day 
That other place,
That other space,
Where quiet 
My name.

You can come too
Will you join me?

Photography © Rita Bourland 2010


  1. Rita - you look great! I so wish I had been riding along with you. This is a clever post & I enjoyed it very much! Keep on bikin! luv, marti xxxoo

  2. Transformational photos, and a beautiful biker. I'm traveling along into nature and serenity. So happy for you! One of my very favorite photos of you is by the coffee shop and I must save it. Love you, Judy

  3. Marti, thank you so much - I wish you had been with me as well. Biking has been incredibly good for me - I'm feeling stronger every day. xoxo

  4. Consider it saved, Judy. I love that you enjoyed taking this journey with me. I can feel your happiness and it means so much to me. xoxo

  5. A lovely ride. And a needed reminder to get outside despite the season. I'm planning to walk tomorrow.