Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poem - Anticipation

June 2010

I’ll open the door
And there you’ll be,
Arriving from your life,
Coming home
For Thanksgiving,

We’ll hug,
I’ll say,
How was the drive?
Much traffic?
Glad you’re here,

You’ll say,
Good to be home,
Glad to be out of the car,

And then we’ll stop
And smile again,

Each son,
Arriving home
For Thanksgiving,
All three
Will be
Filled with stories
Of other places,
Other people,
A full life,

This is their home
Where they grew into young men,
Formed ideas,
Dreamed big,
And then departed
For school,
And life beyond,

When they were small,
I thought
 We’d be together
Always and forever,
But that was silly
Of me,

After all,
They must follow
The arc of their life
Wherever it leads,

I’m just glad
It sometimes
Leads them


  1. This poem expresses such a warm feeling of welcome -- just what we all would like to have waiting for us when we return home. Your sons are blessed to have this loving home base. xoxoxoxo Judy