Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Poems: Trusting Your Instincts

Are we born with a gut instinct for things or is it only after a bit of living that we begin to develop this fine art of discernment?  I had a gut instinct that the man I met at age 21 might be the perfect man for me.  After 33 years of marriage, my gut tells me I made the right call, but it’s not so easy figuring out love.  It’s hard for young people to sort out their feelings in relationships. 
What is love and how do you know when it’s real?  Trust your instincts, use your common sense, spend time together, listen, and open your heart to honest dialogue.  Give of yourself, and use all the methods at your disposal to find your way to love.  It’s the only way to know for sure.  I offer two poems for your consideration.

He Loses No Sleep over You

I just had a feeling
 In my gut
That something
Wasn’t right about him,

About the day, the place,
The time we met,

There was something
In the way he tilted his head,
The way his eyes
Never smiled,
The way he looked
Over my shoulder,
His next conquest,
His next conversation,

My gut instinct
Sounded the alarm,
be cautious,
Of this man who
Speaks sweet nothings,
But offers nothing of himself,

Think clearly
Before losing your heart
To a man who
Loses no sleep over you.

Because His Love Was True

I just had a feeling
In my gut
That he was
The man for me,

It was something about
The way he tilted his head,
The way he smiled with
His eyes,
The way he listened
And laughed with me,
Over silly things,
Simple things,

The way he spoke of nothing,
But it felt like everything,
everything important,
everything that mattered,
to me

I just had a feeling
And that feeling led to love.


  1. Life's greatest questions. If we only knew the answers at a younger age! Great comparisons here, and poems really pinpoint the two character types so well. The first type we have all known at one time or another. Chilling! The second one -- a true good spirit. You chose well! Tell him I said so! xoxoxo

  2. I will. It was fun to write these two in the same blog. Someone on open salon said he was going to share them with his daughter as good advice! xoxo