Friday, November 12, 2010

Poem - How Could We Know?

Rita & Mike - Wedding Day 1977

How Could We Know?

I lost the tickets,
We drank some beer
Outside the show,
We didn’t go
Because of me,
But that’s okay
You said to me,

I broke my foot,
You signed my cast,
We watched old
On the couch
‘Til I could walk again,

I wrecked the car,
An awful mess,
Are you okay?
Was all you said,
It made me glad
That you weren’t mad,

In the dark,
You brought a light,

Sick in bed,
You made me tea,

Cried all night,
You dried my tears,

I got depressed,
You were sad,
Every day
We just laid low
‘Til I was whole again,

So, thank you dear,
And thanks again,
For being there,
Being here,
 Loving me,

In sickness,
In health,
For better,
For worse,
And all that stuff
We said
So long ago,

How could we know
The words would mean
So much?