Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oxygen for Yourself First

You know when you fly on an airplane and they give you the safety tips before take-off?  One of the instructions concerns the use of oxygen.  If the oxygen mask drops down, you are to immediately strap on your own mask and begin breathing before you assist anyone else, including your own children.

I was reminded of this today and began thinking about how typical it is for women/moms to take care of everyone else first.  Our own needs always come last:  We take the dinner plate that is chipped, we sit down to eat last, we jump up to fill water glasses, we make sure everyone is happy, healthy and sated, but when it comes to our own needs we suddenly short circuit.   As we turn blue from a lack of oxygen, our interactions become less productive and more stressful.  We just need to take that oxygen mask, breathe deeply and relax in a well-deserved moment of peace.  Try it tonight.  It's a prescription without side effects.


  1. I think about exactly this ALL THE TIME! And I like to think I follow it often enough :)

  2. I think we can all relate to this feeling. Our health is really impacted by stress and managing it well is vitally important. I wish you a stress free day!

  3. I'm breathing deep right now. . . thanks for the great post!! xo