Monday, March 29, 2010

Poem - A Doctor you Say?

A Doctor you Say?

I’m feeling quite sick,
It came on real quick,
I wish there was something to do.

Maybe a nap,
Or a cat in my lap,
Will help me to somehow get through.

I might take a bath,
Or walk on a path,
To distract me from all of my woes.

Some warm chicken soup,
A big ice cream scoop,
Sound yummy and good for my soul.

A cup of hot tea,
A book on my knee,
They surely are just what I need.

A doctor you say?
Oh please not today,
I’m sure I’ll be well again soon.


  1. Love it! Even though we need doctors sometimes - we are our best healers - us!! We must listen to our guts - we know what's best for US! xxoo

  2. This really says it perfectly. Funny, and then the twist at the end, which is very powerful. LOVE THE ART! Is that the original art you might have mentioned?

  3. The art is actually free clip art from the internet. The original art you're speaking of will be saved for publication in the future. :-)