Friday, March 26, 2010

It Takes Courage

"It takes courage to grow up and 
become who you really are."  
e.e.cummings -1894-1962

I ran across this quote by e.e.cummings and found myself continuing to think about it as the day progressed.  I thought about it as a 56 year old woman who still struggles with courage and with fully understanding who I am.  There are those occasional days when I feel I am within a wisp of discovering that ultimate truth.
I thought about it as a mother who must allow her children to make mistakes, dream big dreams, follow their hearts and sometimes get discouraged.  They will gain their own courage by working through things on their own.  Along the way they might possibly find out who they really are.  I have known them forever and seen the beauty in their very being, yet it is not my life to live nor my path to follow.  

I thought about it as a citizen of the earth who must have courage to navigate this planet we all share.  I thought about how hard it is to hold on to who I am when faced with a daily onslaught of ideas, opinions and images.  Holding on is half the battle.  Mustering up the courage to step into the fray is the other half.  Having the conviction to say 'this is who I am' just might bring me within a wisp of discovering myself.


  1. What a neat quote! I will contemplate this for a while. I am at a time and situation in my life where all I really have at the moment is who I am. And I do wonder who that is.

  2. It's a journey to try to reach some kind of truth about our purpose, but it can be a joyful journey.