Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Being Hard on Ourselves

I've been contemplating the reasons that we as humans can be so hard on ourselves.  When it comes to family and friends, we can be forgiving, helpful, loving, patient, sympathetic and nurturing.  If someone calls with a need, we are there in an instant.  If someone needs a listening ear, we drop everything to hear their concerns.  If someone suffers from illness, we bring a meal.  If someone hurts our feelings, we try to forgive.

But what happens in our mind when we don't meet our own standards or we don't accomplish goals we have set?  Does your mind, like mine, immediately start nagging you and telling you you could have done better?

We can be incredibly hard on ourselves.  We treat ourselves worse than we would treat any other person and it just doesn't make sense.  We should wake up every morning and say, "Good morning, another day awaits.  I am a good person, I am loved, I do good in the world, I try my best each day, I am unique in the world and make a difference by my very presence.  I will be kind to myself today and love myself unconditionally.  I have value today and always." 

Let's lighten up a bit and nurture the very being that brings us light and life.  Love yourself first and you will have more positive energy to share with others.


  1. Surely many of us can totally relate to this. We don't know where all those "messages" come from that we keep feeding to ourselves, and reinforcing, yet we know they slow us down. Most of the posts on this blog give universally good advice on circumnavigating those undermining habits of the mind! Thanks for this one!

  2. This is so so true -- I also worry about the people who aren't hard enough on themselves to do the right sometimes - where's the balance??? Thanks for posting this today - I certainly do this to myself - always over analyze to the point of stress. Balance balance balance. . . xxoo