Friday, March 19, 2010

One Act Play: Kindred Spirits

  I was raised in the Catholic Church where votive candles were always present.  It was a private way to remember someone, pray for someone or possibly pray for yourself.  There was something very appealing about the quiet of a church, the lighting of a candle and the silent offering of prayer.  This short play is a reflection of the strong women of great faith who never doubted their belief in the saving power of God.  They are much like the mother, grandmother and aunts I was raised with.


Two women lighting candles after church (both in their 70s). The first woman strikes a match, looks at all the votive candles and lights one near the front.  She pauses with her head down in prayer and then looks up to see another woman doing the same thing.  They exchange glances and a smile.

Alice:  It’s comforting to light a candle, isn’t it?

Betty:  Yes it is.  I try to light one every Sunday.  There’s always someone to light a candle for; always someone to pray for.

Alice:  My list grows longer the older I get.

Betty:  Do you think God hears our prayers and knows about the candles?

Alice:  I do.  Why just last week I lit a candle for my nephew.  He’s been out of work for two years.  Do you know that he found a job this week?

Betty:  Well, Praise the Lord.

Alice:  Indeed.

Betty:  My husband has been sick with cancer for three years and is finally in remission. He has suffered, but is improving.

Alice:  God is good.

Betty:  Do you think there will be candles lit for us when we die?

Alice:  I can’t be sure, but I’m hopeful.

Betty:  I say Hallelujah to that.

Alice:  Would you care to join me for lunch?   I feel I’ve found a kindred spirit in you.

Betty:  I would love to share a meal with you. 

Alice:  Well, Amen and let’s eat.  I think our work is done here.

They leave the church arm in arm.  The lights fade and only the two lit candles remain visible on stage.

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