Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poem - An Irishman's Charm

An Irishman’s Charm

An Irishman once spoke the following words,
Or so I was told, in so many words,
By a clever young lad with a keen Irish wit
Who, if he told lies, it was just a wee bit.

“There are three types of people who travel the earth,
The first are quite happy, they share a sweet mirth,
The second are those who win you with charm
And promise they’ll never bring hardship or harm,
The third are the kind wearing luck on their sleeve,
They hope you’ll stay close and always believe,
But none of these folks can equal in measure,
An Irishman gifted with wit, charm and treasure.
His merry goodwill, his twinkle and wit,
His luck and quick smile are always a hit
And if he tells lies, it’s just a wee bit.” 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Especially love this too!! Wonderful. . . Happy St. Patty's Day!! xxoo

  2. And I have this on a beautiful card from you, too. Thank you!