Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Domain

I'm into definitions and learned today that the word domain has many definitions.  I began my search after creating a domain name tied to this blog.  I now have my very own web address at: One of the definitions of domain is: a realm or range of personal knowledge, responsibility, etc., so I guess the things I share here fall within my personal realm or range and I am also responsible for the particular message I put forth.  I hereby accept that responsibility.
After coming up with many different names for my blog and having many of them rejected because others had already selected them, I was feeling a bit dejected and inconsequential in the world of blogging and domaining (is that a word?).  Then I hit upon the lovely alliteration of Embracing Epiphanies which I chose because it has the dual meaning of embracing the epiphanies discovered and that the epiphanies themselves can embrace the reader or observer.  Pretty cool, huh?  Also, alliterations are just fun and allow for alphabetic accord and acceleration of ideas that accurately attempt to appease our appetite for alliterations. :-)

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