Monday, January 11, 2010

Call Her If You Want To Talk

When I'm out running errands I try to always ask the store employees or cashiers how their day is going.  It's just something I've gotten in the habit of doing and sometimes I get in lengthy discussions - like today.  The female cashier at a local grocery said it was time to make a change and I asked if she was looking for a new job.  She said that she is currently looking and has put her resume on several online job search sites but has run into computer snags that are driving her crazy.  She keeps getting critical error messages that she can't seem to resolve.  She told me she had spent almost $300 getting the right software to conduct her search but is currently not having any success at all.  My only advice was for her to try to reach a real person on the phone rather than trying to get answers via e-mail.  She said she's ready to unplug the computer permanently, do her banking in person and tell people they'll just have to call her if they want to talk.
There wasn't any resolution or particular help that I gave during the course of our discussion but at least I was able to listen for a few minutes to her concerns.  I wanted to do more (it's in my nature to step into my problem-solving mode), but with a stranger it seemed I had done the best I could and in truth she just wanted someone to listen for awhile.

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  1. This is a wonderful approach to people. If everyone treated cashiers well, the cashiers would be happier and treat the customers better. The customers would feel better and treat the people they meet better and etc. etc. Ripples of good well spread out each time. Sure there will be curmudgeons or just plain sad people who won't pass on the good will, but overall, it makes a difference. Makes me smile!