Friday, January 8, 2010

Coffee Shops

What is it about coffee shops?  One of my favorites is Caribou Coffee because it has this really cool vibe and I can always accomplish a bit of creative writing while I'm sipping a latte and sitting at one of their two person tables.  So, here are the  essential ingredients for a great coffee shop:  free wireless that doesn't require a password, soft background music that inspires free thought, comfy chairs, lots of people sitting around doing their own thing, the smell of coffee, the taste of coffee, the warmth of coffee.  I'm sitting here today on January 8th feeling thankful for this place as I look out the window at 6 inches of snow.
In the background, I hear the barista talking to a customer about how Caribou differs from Starbucks in their sizing descriptions.  Caribou is straight up small, medium, large without any pretense.  Starbucks is tall, grande and venti - really trying too hard to impress, but knowing that we love the sound of those choices.  Having choices is so American - coffee shops provide the opportunity to have a bit of control in our lives each day and that is why we love them so much.  My choice: a medium, skim, decaf latte - how empowering!

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  1. You bring back the memory of my dedication to delicious coffee -- before my stomach said no more. This gave me pleasure to read, sensing the enjoyment and delicious smell, taste, surroundings.