Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cats Are Good People

One of the elderly ladies who is on my library delivery route owns two cats, Violet and Danny.  We were chatting today and Violet crawled onto her lap and managed to push several papers on the floor.  Helen laughed and commented that the two of them are quite a mess.  Violet hangs out with her during the day and Danny claims the bed at night.  He sleeps right next to her and insists on having his body touching hers at all times.  Helen saved Violet many years ago from an abusive family and doesn't remember when she got Danny.  It has been a long time. As we talked, she slowly petted Violet's head and then said with a little smile, "Cats are good people."  I was absolutely charmed by her remark and charmed by the simple joy she gets from her two pets.  At age 95, Helen has lost most of the people she is close to, but she still has these loyal cats who bring her comfort and companionship.  So, if she says they're good people, I believe her.


  1. Such beautiful images; it's so comforting to me to know that she has companionship (because this is a universal concern, I think: growing old and lonely). She's giving care into her last days and receiving the rewards. Wonderfully written.

  2. Cats are definitely good people. An elderly friend of ours had a cat her last few years and he was a wonderful companion for her. My own cat (once my daughter's) has become increasingly companionable. She will not sit in my lap, but she follows me around the house quietly. When I move to work somewhere else, I am not aware of her coming, but when I look up, there she is. When I am upset, she moves closer. She purrs a lot.

    Animals often bring very good energy to us when we are open to it.