Friday, July 22, 2011

Poem: Pining for a Pal

Pining for a Pal

Penelope peeked through a slit in the door
and what did she find across the floor?

A black and white panda with pitiful eyes,
was playing piano and eating plum pies,

He plinked and plunked and pulled on his ears;
he pined for a pal then burst into tears.

Penelope opened the door just a bit;
she tiptoed inside; she decided to sit.

She smiled at panda; he smiled at her,
they played a duet; she petted his fur.

Written by Rita Bourland - Illustration by Philip Bourland


  1. The rhythm of this poem, coupled with two souls finding each other, is simply masterful. You have such acumen for meter, and that meter eagerly endears me to your characters. Splendid!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. This poem was incredibly fun to write and it's extra fun to have an illustration from Philip to accompany it.