Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodbye Harry Potter

In honor of the release of the last Harry Potter movie:

Goodbye Harry Potter

 Wizards and Muggles, goblins and ghosts,
Hogwarts a school with scary dark moats,

Mirrors that talk, teachers with potions,
Boggarts with strange and nefarious notions,

Owls holding notes, screeching black cats,
Dragons and house-elves, banshees and bats,

A phoenix with feathers worthy of wands,
Strange phantom figures lurking near ponds,

Chambers and tunnels, trains in the night
Evil to vanquish before the first light

Winning at Quidditch, taking the cup,
Battles and triumphs, lifting us up,

Good over evil, friend over foe,
Lessons we learned; things we should know,

Harry you’ve been the greatest of friends
Is it really the time
for your story to end?


  1. All good things must come to an end, I guess. :(

    We have tickets for tonight! I'm excited :)

  2. Enjoy the show. It's going to be a memorable weekend for Potter fans.

  3. Yes! What a coincidence! This past weekend was the first time my children and I sat down to watch the very first Harry Potter movie. I am hooked - but years later than the world! I cannot wait to see the second film...and I know I will be wondering the same when we come to the last viewing. What a marvel Mr. Potter is.

  4. Oh! back to your poem...the combination of imagery from the movies and the rhymes is masterful Rita. You are a true inspiration in every sense of the word...

  5. Michelle, you have many treats ahead with your children. The good news is that the books and movies will always be there as your children get old enough to enjoy them. It was a fun poem to write.