Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That's the Kind of Friend I will Be

I heard the music of James Taylor for the very first time in 1971.  I was attending a high school retreat and was in a dorm room with several girls I had never met.  A girl named Sheri had a guitar and was singing one of the most beautiful songs I had ever heard.  It was “You’ve Got a Friend”.  I was completely mesmerized.

I have loved the music of James Taylor ever since and have had the pleasure of seeing him in person on four different occasions.  His music never fails to touch my heart.  As a performer, he has the perfect combination of an affable personality, a voice like silk and music that has universal appeal.  It’s almost impossible to keep from singing along when I hear one of his songs on the radio.  He is a beloved performer.  

The music and lyrics to “You’ve Got a Friend” were written by Carole King, another outstanding, timeless performer.

The lyrics to the song touch each listener in a unique way, but I believe there is a wish in every person to have the kind of friend described in the song. So, here are my thoughts on friendship.

That's the Kind of Friend I will Be

I promise to dry your tears
When trouble nears,

I promise
To be a friend,

The best kind of friend,

Who listens,
Brings cookies,
Warm tea,
Warm thoughts
With me,

The kind of friend
You want,
You need,

Count on me,
Count to three
And I will be


Count to ten,
Your troubles will be
A thing of the past,

I will create
A fortress against the storm,

That’s the kind of friend
 I will be.


  1. Perfection in a complementary presentation -- the heartwarming song and musician coupled with this kind friendship in your exquisite poem.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Being a true friend is one of the greatest gifts we can share with another person.