Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poem: I Wish I Could Recall

My father passed away when I was 23 and he was 63.  
He was a wise man.  
I wish he had been around much longer.

Why do I remember
Such a thing?
The way he sat
By my side,
Homework on my mind,
Math problems due,

But he would talk
About bigger things,
Moral things,
Historical things,

I feigned interest
Truth be told,
Politely commenting,
Smiling, remarking,
Secretly wishing
The lecture would end,

I wish I could recall
One word,
One snippet of wisdom
From then,
To guide me now,

Had I known
He’d only be alive
‘Til I was 23,
I would have
Recorded, remembered,
Listed his words,

Yet who I am,
 How I act,
What I speak,
And how I live,
Are all an extension of him,

I live his words,
At least
I hope I do,

I miss you dad.

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