Monday, July 18, 2011

One Act Play: Lightning Bugs at Play

Lightning Bugs at Play

A mother and her five year old son outside on a summer evening admiring the lightning bugs.

Why do lightning bugs light up?

Well, I’m not really sure, sweetie.  It’s just the way they have adapted to the world, and it’s a special way they communicate with each other.

So, it’s kind of like talking?

Yeah, kind of.  Or maybe it’s their way of playing a game.

You mean like tag?

Maybe.  What do you think?

I think they’re playing hide and go seek.  They flash their lights to try and find each other.

You might be right.

Or maybe they’re afraid of the dark.

Could be.  They do live outside though, so they’re pretty used to the dark.

I’m afraid of the dark.


Because I don’t have a special light to keep me safe.

Would a light help you feel safe?

Yes, but I want it to look like a lightning bug.

Maybe we can think about how to do that.  For tonight, you can look out your window before you go to sleep and see all the lightning bugs blinking just for you.  Their light will keep you safe.

I like lightning bugs.  Do you like lighting bugs, mom?

Yes, I like them very much.  But I love my little boy the most. 
Time for a bath and bedtime story.  Goodnight lightning bugs.

Goodnight lighting bugs.  Don’t be afraid.  I’ll be right inside if you need me.



  1. Incredibly sweet - gives me the same feeling as reading "Goodnight Moon." xoxoxo

  2. This one-act play filled me with joy and love for its characters. It makes me rejoice that such love exists in the world. Thank you, Rita. Your friend, Michelle

  3. Thank you, anonymous. To be compared in any way to Goodnight Moon is an incredible compliment.

  4. Thank you, Michelle. I remember conversations like this from when the boys were young. Such touching innocence is a nice thing to write about. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.