Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poem - You'll See How Good I Can Be - A Child's View of Christmas

My husband Mike - 1955 - Evansville, IN
 You’ll See How Good I Can Be
Will we have the biggest tree ever?
Bigger than me, bigger than you?

We’ll see, Mikey. 

Will Santa bring lots of toys?
Will he mom, will he?

We’ll see.

Oh, I hope I get a sled,
And a G.I.Joe,
And a set of Lincoln logs.

Mom, do you think I will?

We’ll see,
You must be good,
Santa’s watching all the time.

Oh, I’ll be good,
I’ll be so very, very good,
You’ll see how good I can be.

You’re a good boy, Mikey
Santa knows how hard you try.

I’ll help with the chores,
I’ll walk Spot every day,
I’ll even make my bed,
Do you think Santa will know?

I’m sure he will.

Christmas is great, mom.
Isn’t it great?
I can’t wait,
Just four more nights
And then

It’s bedtime, Mikey.
Time for your bath
Then I’ll read you a story.

Will you read me
A Christmas Carol?
I promise it won’t scare me this time.

Are you sure?

I’m sure.

Mom, I love you.
I love Christmas, too.
But I love you more.

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