Monday, December 6, 2010

Poem: Say it out Loud

Photo by Rita Bourland - 2010

why is it so hard to reach out,
ask for help,
say, I need you to listen -
to hear me,
really hear me,
really see me?

why is that so hard?
we all walk around
that things are okay
when they aren’t,
I mean,
who is really okay?
and what does okay
really mean?

it’s tough out there;
tough to know who’s on your side,
who’s got your back,
who to trust with trusted information,

sometimes, you just have
to trust that it will be okay,
to say it out loud;
that weighty thing
that’s weighing
on your mind,

if you say it out loud
then it loses power over you,
and you become more powerful
because you’ve trusted another
human being,
and that is really an okay thing to do,

just say it out loud.


  1. T'would make all the difference in the world for everyone. Please continue to carry the light and shine the way, dear writer!
    Love, Judy

  2. Thank you for the kind, encouraging words. xoxo

  3. It is amazing what I found out from other people when you stop keeping all your troubles to yourself. If more people would talk, they'd find a lot more support!

  4. Amen to that Amber. I have discovered the very same thing. We all share much more in common than we often realize.