Sunday, December 26, 2010

Against All Odds - Poem

Rita Bourland © 2009
 Against All Odds

The wind is blowing outside
With a fierce, biting intensity,

I hear the insistent
Sound swirling past the windows,
Shaking the shutters,
Rattling the gate,
Sending birds into hidden
Branches of densely
Packed bushes and trees
Which stand bravely upright
Against its
Gusting, thrashing, unforgiving fury,

Winter casts a wide shadow
Over human dwellers
Living on a planet spinning
In a universe full of mystery
That even scientists ponder with awe,

On this wintry night
I ponder many things with awe,

The fact that love remains
Against all odds in a world
Where wind can blow so strong,

The fact that hope remains
In a world where dreams
Can freeze during nights so cold,

The fact that a warm heart
Can keep us from succumbing to
The deepest frost,

We must keep that warmth alive
By lighting a fire
Within the depths of our soul,

An impenetrable fire
Fiercely protecting the essence
Of who we are and who we wish to be,

The wind is blowing outside
But I am calm and sure.


  1. Love the imagery. Sometimes I think the depth of our soul IS the fire. Sometimes that's all the warmth we have. So wonderful to have you share your soul warmth with us. Such sharing helps when our own soul fires are low.

  2. Providing warmth for one another is one of the great joys of life. The sharing is part of what gives us our own warmth. Thanks for your wonderful comments, Libby.