Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poem - Not This Year

I was out shopping today and feeling generally cheery and anticipatory of Christmas.  I noticed an elderly man walking slowly past the shops and my thoughts went to those who are alone. Loneliness can affect anyone at any age, but seems to take its biggest toll on the elderly – especially at this time of year.  This poem is for them.

Not This Year

Loneliness doesn’t take a holiday
At Christmas,
It sometimes comes to stay
For days and days,
An unwelcome visitor,
A grumpy guest,
A dour companion,


Hiding behind curtains
Pulled tight,
Casting shadows
In a home where light
Once cast bright
Visions of life,

Where folks drew near,
Shared hugs and cheer,
A time so dear,
But not this year,

For some who’ve lost
Their other half
There’s no one left
To make them laugh
Or care about the ‘morrow,

This time of year
More stark, more real,
It rails out loud,
There is no cheer,
For some
It’s clear,
They miss the
Warmth of love,

The chill has wrapped
Its arms too tight,
Holding out the light
This year.


  1. Very important reminder that many, many people are lonely: those living alone, those who have lost a dear one, and some who have people around them but still are isolated. Often when people are short with us it's "nothing personal," only a condition of their sadness. This posting helps me with reaching out in small ways. Thanks! xoxoxo

  2. I think loneliness is much more pervasive than any of us realize. Just assuming everyone needs a kind word is the probably the best approach. xoxo

  3. If one is lucky in friends and family and in the one we have lost, love is never too far away and loneliness not so lonely.