Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poem - Wish Yourself Back

Wish Yourself Back 
If you close your eyes
And take a deep breath,
 You can wish
Yourself back to
A time long ago,

A time when fresh cookies were
Baked to perfection,
And a letter
To Santa
Listed each
Toy request,

A time full of mystery,
A time of good cheer,
A time when your hopes for the
Future were clear,

This year take a moment to
Conjure those thoughts -
Take them out,
Dust them off,
Bring them to light,

My wish is that all of the dreams
You hold dear,
Will last beyond
And all
Through the year.


  1. I think I enjoyed the anticipation more than the gifts. And also the extended family gatherings because of the "action" among cousins. xoxo

  2. I do think anticipation plays a key part in so many things we experience in life. When we gratify our needs too quickly, we lose the luxury of anticipation. xoxo