Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poem: Vandalism

Our yard is very near a path that circles the park behind our house.  I recently installed a display case that houses an ever-changing assortment of original poems and essays.  It is a place where people can pause during their walk and read a brief, positive musing about life.  Last night, the display case was vandalized.  My initial reaction was one of sadness and anger.
After my husband and I assessed the damage, we realized we only needed to replace the Plexiglas top and we would be back in business. The case was built by my nephew and son and they did a marvelous job of making it both beautiful and sturdy, but Plexiglas can’t withstand a rock attack.  

What were you thinking
When you took that rock
And scratched
And scratched
Until the damage was done?

Were you sad,
By something in life
That was too big for a kid
To handle?

I know what’s it’s like to be a kid
With problems too big;
With nowhere to turn.
It’s mighty lonely sometimes,
But breaking things
Won’t help;
It will just push the pain a little deeper,
Make it all hurt a little more.

We’ll probably never meet
Unless it’s a chance encounter,
And even then I won’t known
That you’re the one
Who took the rock and
Scratched and scratched
Until the damage was done.

I think you’re a good kid
Who just hurt real bad the other night.

Next time,
Kick a rock,
Or run a block,
But please leave the
Display alone
For others to enjoy,

It’s the right thing to do
The only thing to do.


  1. So sorry this happened Rita! Dang, people can be so thoughtless...
    Glad you are working out your frustration in a poem. I pray that this doesn't happened again. Believe me, your display case & musings are touching people in a positive way! BTW, has anyone left you a nice note or a poem for you?

  2. Not yet. I do know that people are enjoying it because they will stop and chat if I'm out there changing the display. It's a friendly neighborhood and I think it's a nice little break on a walk around the park - at least I hope so.

  3. Great thoughts on this. Will you post in the display case? xoxo Judy

  4. Judy, I doubt if I'll post it in the display case. It may be best to just let it be rather than draw attention to it. I'm glad you liked it and maybe some of the outside viewers will read it on my blog.