Friday, September 24, 2010

Poem: Just Answer With Truth

  Just Answer With Truth
How did your day go?
How was your week?
I really would like to know.

I know it’s polite
To say
How are you?
It’s kind of like saying hello.

But I’m asking you now,

How are you?

You can tell me the truth
If life hasn’t been kind,
You can say it out loud
If you’re not feeling fine,

Why aren’t we
Honest when asked
How are you?

It’s okay to share
Our joy and our sorrow,
And fine to divulge
A tough time in our lives.

As humans we live
The same kinds of lives, 
Some ups and some downs,
Some good and some bad,

The next time
You’re asked,
Just answer with truth,
What harm can be done
By being more honest?

Try it today,
You’ll see what I mean,

I’m asking you now,

How are you?


  1. I'm catching up with some posts I've missed and enjoyed them all. The pictures add so much, too.

    Lately when people ask me how I'm doing I say I am "hanging in" which is what I suspect many of us are doing any given day.

  2. I suspect the same. Wish I could be there with you to spend some time hanging in there together. My thoughts are with you. And yes, the kitten picture is pretty adorable isn't it?