Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poem: Precious Moments

1985 - Evansville, Indiana
 Precious Moments

Take a book,
A lap,
Small children,
Cozy and clean
After an evening bath,
Add a mother,
Who loves to
Hold her children close,
Who loves to read
To them,
Who loves the sweetness
Of their tender love,
Who loves the precious moments,
The priceless moments
And you will find
Goodness and truth,
Kindness and hope,
Take a book,
Take it now,
And hold a child close,
There is nothing more precious,


  1. Loved the photo and the memories. I agree that snuggling with little ones to read a good book is hard to beat. Only challenge is getting my grandkids to slow down long enough to get the book open!

  2. Yes, there is that problem, but once you've got their attention it's a beautiful thing. Busy grandchildren is also a very good thing!