Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poem: A Barn Will Rise


Members of the Friends of Ohio Barns and the Timber Framers Guild will arrive at Sunny 95 Park in Columbus, Ohio on September 17th.  They will be in encampment here, and their work will culminate in an old-fashioned barn-raising on Sunday, September 26th.  The timber framers will incorporate the beams from a barn that used to be located on a property on Lane Road.  It was believed to be about 100 years old.  The new structure (The Amelita Mirolo Barn) will be used for community events and private rentals but will have the look and feel of an old-time barn. 
In the 18th and 19th centuries in rural North America, the barn was often the first structure built by a family who settled in a new area.  It was essential for storing hay and housing horses and cattle.  All the area farmers and family members would come together to have a barn-raising to get the structure up quickly for the new family.  
I thought it would be nice to tie my display case posting in with what is going on in the park this week.  So, here’s a poem to honor this type of community activity that has almost vanished from society except in some Amish and Old Order Mennonite Communities.

 A Barn Will Rise

The call went out
loud and clear,
Ringing through the night,

Bring your mallets,
Bring your saws,
Bring your brawn
And grit,

We will build
A barn,

We’ll raise it
Tall and strong,

It will stand
The test of time,
The test of wind and rain,

It will stand
Of that we’re sure;
We know it to a man,

So, bring your mallets,
Bring your saws,
Bring your brawn
And grit,

We need the will
Of many men,
Their strength
And power

To work the land,
And work the wood,
Until the task is

When we’re done
And walk away,
We know that we'll
Stand tall,

As will the building
Left behind
Forever strong and true,

So, bring your mallets,
Bring your saws,
Bring your brawn
And grit,

A barn will rise,
Of that we’re sure,
Come watch us

as we work,

With many men
Who work as one,
There’s nothing we
Can’t do.

Old wood being honed for new structure by timber framers


  1. Symbolic of so much potential assistance from one person to another. Good to reach down inside for this momentum and you've prompted it here. xoxo Judy

  2. Thank you, Judy. I love the old picture. What a community event for people back then. Such support and such a system to get things done in a hurry but also properly. I love the whole idea of it. Of course, we can be barn-raisers in the sense of lifting each other up as well.

  3. What a wonderful community builder!

  4. Indeed! It will be fun to see the barn/shelter come together over the next week.

  5. Here's too a great barn raising in Ohio! Maybe they will hold a barn dance once it's done!!