Monday, September 27, 2010

Poem: A Taste That Lingers

A Taste That Lingers

I love Fall,
the crisp, windy, 
kaleidoscope of it,
the canvas of painted
the smell of air
so sweet
you might pause
to savor it like
a cup of exotic tea,
or a sip of
fine wine
made from grapes
ripened in the chill air
on a day just like
this day,

or maybe 
it's the crunch of leaves
that conjures up thoughts of a crackling fire
built in the middle of a field,
with children gathered 'round,
and marshmallows roasted
to softened perfection,

or maybe 
it's the crisp apple
just picked from a tree
laden with fruit
 that tastes like Fall;
a taste that lingers
long after the last bite,
and stays in your memory
long past your youth,

a taste that brings you back to the days of Fall,
when all was good and all was right with the world,

back to now when all is possible,
and life is clear 
and perfect 
and crisp
with possibility.


  1. Thank you for helping me with my denial that "winter chills are soon a comin". I need to embrace that Fall gives us a chance to ease in slowly. I need to enjoy Autumn more. I get a little down this time of year because I love summer soooooo much! I dislike seeing it slip away...
    You made me feel better about this season today - thanks! :)

  2. I feel better after reading this lovely poem -- and realize that what you write so eloquently is completely true. This poem gives me great hope. And Mr. Scarecrow is such a striking figure. Love, Judy

  3. Marti, I'm glad I could help you feel a little better about this season. I do, however, understand your feelings about summer slipping away. Autumn has always brought me great happiness even though I know the 'chills are a comin'.

  4. Thanks, Judy, for your kind words. I loved writing this poem and feel the truth of it in my heart. Mr. Scarecrow's picture was taken in 1994. He's in the yard every year in the Fall but now sits in a chair. Old age has set in I guess!
    Love you.