Friday, July 30, 2010

Poem: A Big Red Balloon

A Big Red Balloon

The strangest thing happened last Friday at noon;
It began with a boy and his big red balloon.

I watched as he walked down the street with great care,
Protecting his prize from the sun’s red hot glare.

Just as the bells of the church started pealing,
He floated straight up past the puffy cloud ceiling.

I heard that he landed far, far away,
In a town that serves cookies and milk every day.

I’m thinking of buying a big red balloon,
And might take a walk next Friday at noon.

(This post is currently in the display case at the park)


  1. I love thinking about people reading this poem in the park. It's so fanciful, yet shows an ability to experiment in life. xoxoxo Judy

  2. There have been many people reading it today. I hope it gives them a light happy feeling.

  3. Me too - I love the fact that people on a walk or run will stop & look at your wonderful poetry - it really tickles me! Happy Poetry Case Watching! xxxoooo

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