Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poem: Don't Neglect Your Birthday Ever

Don’t Neglect Your Birthday Ever

Since birthdays come just once each year,
We must take note it seems quite clear,
The passage of the hours and days,
Pays off in, oh, so many ways,
It’s hard to notice change it’s true,
It happens though to me and you,
We live our lives and take some punches,
We meet with friends; we eat some lunches,
We go on trips, we watch TV,
We go to work, we climb a tree,
But in the midst of this and that,
Our wisdom grows and that’s a fact,
Each thing we do, each day each hour,
We find some truth, some strength, some power,
So don’t neglect your birthday ever,
The joy you gain will last forever,

Just gather those you love quite near,
A birthday comes just once a year.
Take the time; hold it dear.

1 comment:

  1. Well said!!! A joyful and fun poem, with the Snoopy presenting the feeling very well. Birthdays are incredibly special no matter where you and your loved ones are located. Love, Judy