Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Poem: A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

The truth about a path
is that it goes somewhere -
but you can traverse the path
in endless ways,
at any time of the day,
alone or with friends,
with a dog by your side,
or a child’s hand nestled in yours.

You can walk in the moonlight,
the sunlight,
or the early dawn of day,
you can bike, trike,
rollerblade, skateboard,
run, walk, stroll, amble,
shuffle, skip or maybe even hop
from start to finish.

You are free on a path
to think, to muse, to ponder
to consider what is possible
what is powerful, what is pure,
what is good in this world
we all call home.

We are blessed by this path in this park -
may your walk bring you
a brief respite from your busy day,
and may you find renewed energy
for continuing the good work
you do in the world.

The path can take you to that place.

Footnote:  This poem was written to be placed in a display case 
which will be adjacent to a new path in the park behind our house


  1. Love this poem! A beautiful way to enter into this ongoing "peoples art project," as the artist or the viewer. Multi-layered meanings in this writing.

  2. Judy, I'm so glad you liked it. I really wanted to have something special for my first outdoor posting and it seemed fitting to have it be about the path itself. There will be pictures soon. The post is placed in cement and the display case will go up very soon.