Saturday, July 10, 2010

Patience - A Quiet Little Word

I’ve been thinking a lot about patience lately and find it to be a very small word for the great resource it demands of us.  A word like courage has substance and can be said with vigor.  The word resilience summons up thoughts of steel and armor holding back the forces of evil.  The word fortitude has the word fort at its root and thus conjures up visions of strength against outside forces.  There are many powerful words that we use to derive strength in times of need:  resolve, determination, spunk, focus, purpose.  But patience is the trait required most frequently to get us through hard times.  Patience is what we need in the midst of a dark trough or an endless night.  Patience is what we need in great quantity as we wait for change to occur.  Patience is essential, unavoidable and maddening.  So, all I’m asking is that the word carry a little more clout: Patience Patience

Patience – I need you, I require you by my side, I find your presence essential to my well-being.  I will stick with you if you will stick with me. 

Patience is a virtue so I’m told.  This quiet little word will bring me untold benefits, but I must wait, bide my time, and ultimately embrace this quiet little word that promises good things will surely come
in due time.


  1. Such absolute truth and wisdom in this posting! Patience is one of the most difficult traits to nurture and emulate in our hurry up world. But good things are promised to those who wait. We will practice our patience together.

  2. As often happens on this blog, I'm deeply touched by your words, which seem simple but go deep. Perhaps as deep as where patience must quietly wait, sharing its rays of essential grace when called upon.

  3. My patience is assisted by my loving sisters and family.