Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poem: She Will Wait no More in Silence

She Will Wait no More in Silence
How are we to know when someone is in need?
There are the obvious signs like poverty, ill health, homelessness -
but what of the hidden needs, the unspoken aches
of the human spirit?
How are we to know, what are we to do, how can we respond
to a person who won't reach out, won't share her pain?
Waiting in darkness, praying for help, crying in private, 
she won't find solace, won't get the necessary help
to move out of the cycle of sorrow.
All she has to do is reach with both hands and an open heart 
toward those who hold her dear -
they must be watchful and respond;
together they will forge a path toward health.
The request will not be denied but will be embraced.
She will be wrapped in the arms of her Creator and the people
who cherish her life.
She will wait no more in silence.


  1. This poem is poignant and insightful, as well as educational. I'm glad to develop (hopefully) a little more sensitivity about being watchful to the suffering of those who are quiet and appear to be OK when, perhaps, they aren't.

  2. ...for silence can be the the thing that prevents a person from getting that love & nourishing they so need. Ask & you shall receive all the love in my heart but also know that you have it without asking . . :) xxoo