Friday, July 16, 2010

It Was All So Simple Then

It Was All So Simple Then
The tenderness in this photo never fails to move me.  There is a beautiful simplicity to the way children show affection, isn't there?  Two young boys with their older cousin, snuggled up for an afternoon of cartoon watching.  Their relaxed bodies say I completely trust you and find great comfort in being close to you.  You are my friend, you are my cousin, we have played together, laughed together, shared our days in the hot summer sun and now we are here in this space feeling safe, secure and untouched by the world outside.  Does it really get any better than that in life?  
A few years back, one of my sisters and I went to Grand Rapids, MI to visit a great aunt.  We stayed in a really old, ornate bed and breakfast.  There was no one else staying there and the owner had a very spooky vibe.  The bathroom was way down the hall and I, of course, had to get up in the middle of the night, much to my dismay.  My sister and I shared a bed that night and laughed ourselves silly with spooky comments.  It was an hilarious night.  My sister and I were safe together and secure that we could handle whatever came our way.  In the silence of that old house, we were alone, but we were together.  We had complete comfort and trust in being close.  It was a rare adult opportunity to capture the kind of image seen above.  
It gets harder as adults to relax completely and trust in the moment that all will be well - letting the body go and simply being alive and at ease is all that is required.
I wish you a peaceful evening.

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  1. We should all be fortunate enough to have this experience of childhood closeness -- on occasion or as often as possible -- in our adult years. Such beautiful insights into the past and the present.
    Sending a hug, Judy