Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poem: What Makes a House a Home?

What makes a house a home?

The newspaper strewn
on the family room couch,
a coffee cup perched
on the floor,
a clock softly ticking
the minutes away
of our precious time spent
here on earth.

A cat on the hearth
purrs soft, warm and low,
a bird at the feeder
sings sweetly each morn,
a mother hums tunes
to her infant at night,
a father so proud -
his heart feels so light.

There are pictures in frames,

piles of books,
coasters and notepads,
shoe racks and nooks,
there are mittens and coats,
boots and blue jeans,
laundry in stacks,
near the washing machine.

But all of these things
matter not much
as you ponder the meaning of home,
 it’s what you feel first
when you walk through the door
that makes a house truly a home.

The house might be empty of all worldly goods
leaving only the people inside,
yet they’ll fill up your heart
with love and good cheer

and welcome you in for a time.


  1. Lovely sentiments and description. Once when we were having a dicey time with teenage stuff, Shannon calligraphied a Quaker query and put copies around the house. This reminds me of that. They said:

    Do you make your home a place where friendships, peace, and refreshment of spirit are found?

    I've kept several of the copies and have one in a frame. I aspire to be able to answer yes on a regular basis. Not there yet. :-)

  2. I have always found your home to be a place of great comfort and warmth - a place where a cup of tea can be counted on and a loving conversation can always take place.

  3. Your home is always a refuge!

    I read all your posts and think about them a lot, but have trouble posting comments.


  4. Thanks Shannon. I wish it was easier. I just type in the word verification, my username and password and it works for me. Yours is much easier!