Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Poem: Making a Decision

Making a Decision

What causes us to act?
Do we wake up one day
and say
this is the day,
or is there a slow
with thoughts rolling around
in our mind
do this, do that,
make this decision,
make that decision,
no it’s too risky,
better not take a chance,
you might look foolish,
you might regret it,
how would it look
to others?

But one day we opt to act -
we put aside that pesky voice -
all the what ifs and can’ts and don’ts
just fall away into a misty haze
of yesterday’s indecision.


  1. And most likely the action is better for the thinking and indecision. It's a slippery slope tho. Have you read The Spoon River Anthology? One poem is about a gravestone with a boat with a furled sail. It was a person who never could leave port and go anywhere or do much of anything. Never much made a decision. For his entire life.

    For me, I think some decisions are mulled about in my head without my being aware of it. Then, suddenly, I realize there is something I need to do. An interesting process. Thanks for provoking the thoughts!

  2. Thanks, Libby. I tend to do a lot of mulling over and then finally take the plunge into action. The Spoon River Anthology sounds interesting. I'll check it out.