Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poem: We Beat As One

We Beat As One
 Our heart feels it all,
Our pain,
Our joy,
Our love.

It’s always on duty
Absorbing that pain,
Supporting that joy,
Embracing that love.

It is our core;
A fine-tuned organ,
That plays with a metronome beat.

It asks little -
Sometimes we ask a lot.

Each night I thank my heart
For carrying me
Through the day.
We beat as one.


  1. Nice Rita - thanks for sharing - love it :) xxxoooo

  2. I am reading this as beating as one within ourselves as individuals, and also as one with each other. . . all as one. Lovely.

  3. Judy, I like the idea of us beating as one with each other. What a lovely idea to think of a unifying heartbeat where one person's heart could lift up another person's heart, etc.

  4. Marti, thank you. Love you too.