Friday, May 7, 2010

Poem: Happy Mother's Day 2010

 For all the wonderful, giving mothers out there.  
Happy Mother's Day!  

Mother’s Day 2010

From the moment a child is born,
There’s a path that he must take,
It’s fraught with dangerous, tricky turns;
Tough choices to ponder and make.

That very same path is paved with pure joy,
It delights him and shows him the way
The people he meets and places he goes,
Help him learn as he moves through each day.

The constant throughout all of life’s ups and downs
Is his mother so loving and dear,
She’s always right there to shore up his heart
If troubling tempests draw near.

Now that he’s grown the story goes on,
He’s making a path of his own,
His mother will always be near to his heart,
No matter how far he may roam.


  1. And Happy Mother's Day to you as well. Hope it was a good one!

  2. It's 14 minutes into the next day, so a belated Happy Mother's Day to our poet laureate!

  3. And a belated Happy Mother's Day to you as well.