Monday, May 24, 2010

Poem: Don't Hesitate

Don’t Hesitate

We are all part of the cosmos
where energy and love move effortlessly.
We just have to reach out and grab a bit,
stuff it in our pocket and save it for
one of those rainy days
when we have spent our energy elsewhere
and need to replenish
our reserve.
Ask the universe for assistance and you will receive
abundant grace, embracing help,
and the gift of an all-encompassing love.
Don’t hesitate.  Just ask.


  1. And I think I need to ask again! Thanks!

  2. It's so odd that we have to learn this over and over and over. This is a beautiful way of expressing the process. Poetic and practical once again. Your great strengths combined.

  3. Thank you both. There are many lessons I have to learn over and over!

  4. you know, when i finally remember to "ask" - I usually get an answer - it may not be the one I want but I go with that "help" & it usually works out for the best. Does that make sense? xxoo

  5. It makes perfect sense, Marti. After asking, it's trusting our gut instinct to listen that counts quite often.