Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poem: Stress

        S is for the stress you feel when life's in disarray            
        T is for the times when you need some time away          
        R is for the reasons that you'd love a calmer day            
        E is for the energy it takes to work it through            
        S is for the secret to a day where peace doth bloom            
        S is for the sureness of a lovely day quite soon

            I wish peace to all who read this.  
            May a calm hand rest on your heart 
            and bring you solace in times of need.


            1. Most positive -- deconstructing stress into a positive outcome. Your wishes to others are the very kindest. Muchas gracias!

            2. Thank you, Rita. We all could use a calm hand on the heart. I like the image very much.