Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poem: The Smallest of Things

The Smallest of Things

It was the smallest of things,

A child walking alongside her father,
 Holding fast to his hand,
Taking two strides to his every one,
Trying to keep up,
Him unaware of the pace he set,

We prepare children
For our fast paced world.
By walking fast, talking fast,
Hurriedly shopping, cooking, eating,
As we move, move, move,
They watch, watch, watch,

If a child led the way
They would slow down,
Taking time to
The smallest of things,

A crack in the walk,
A leaf on a tree,
Roses in bloom,
Clouds floating free,

Grass in their toes,
Dew in the morn,
A bunny’s pink nose,
A prickly thorn,

The smallest of things
Not seen anymore
By those who are grown,
But surely we’ve known
The joys of those
Things in the past.

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